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Natural remedy effective against pre-mature ejaculation


Most men often suffer premature ejaculation due the following factors;lack of exercises,anxiety, lack food nutrients and ineffective stamina. The purpose of these lectures today emphasis are made on okra.

Okra is the best friend of man. It is an effective remedy against premature ejaculation.

Okra is used to improve sexual health and stickness. It has a large number of vitamins and zinc. These two factors play a vital role in a man's sexual health.

The deficiency of these being the reason behind the many erectile problems. This high content of vitamins and zinc help most men.

How to prepare simple remedy are stated below.

Step 1: Cut 3 to 4 okra into small pieces

Step 2: Soak in a glass of water overnight.

Step 3: Remove the pieces and filter the water to drink.

Step 4: Do this procedure every morning for 1 month.

Do not make love while you drink this medicine.

After that, call your wife and make love to her, will testify to you later.

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