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The President woos for votes in Volta Region

SamuelAhiagah 06/28/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The history of the Volta is a very patchy one several decades ago. Since the plebiscite of 1956, the region has always been tossed around by politicians and their financiers. Politicians have made development of the region so political that what used to be a responsibility has now become a favour they think they're doing to the people of the region. What did the people of this region do to warrant this?

The Volta region lacks proper roads, no proper drinkable water in most communities and the indigenes resort to drinking in streams with cows and other animals, what did we do wrong? Just recently our President told the nation that he intends to marry the Volta region but I want to ask on behalf of my people in the Volta region, is this how we woo a lady we intend to marry?

At least if you are serious to marry a lady, you must begin to start taking responsibility of some needs of the lady, what's the President doing to the region to show that he's indeed interested in marrying the Volta region? After several years of voting for these two main political parties, the region has got nothing to boast of unlike her colleague regions like the Ashanti region, Greater Accra( though this region benefits because it doubles as the national capital) etc.

The region is an international one because it borders Togo to the East, but cannot even boast of a dual carriage road to aid in transport of goods and services even the Eastern corridor road which the dwellers will benefit from is incomplete . Now we want to gain independence and be on our own just like was signed in the plebiscite 1956, that one too you say no, so what then should we do now?

The government of the day feels that they can only channel development to where they get most votes and so they totally neglect this region with the claim that it is the stronghold of the NDC and so they expect the NDC to develop it when they get to power. Ashanti region for example has become a good example of development compared to Volta because Fmr President Rawlings channeled resources there without thinking about votes, and today that region is beeming, aren't other regions deserving of this? We want to build this country holistically so why can't we share resources equally?

As I write this, there's an ancient town called Anyako without portable water for the past 17years yet governments come to power and go, so what did they do wrong? The region over the years have been contributing natural resources towards development of this nation, even human capital who are at high echelons of power in this country. If events continue to go this way, the people will one day take the law into their own hands because they're not seeing any form of development.... These days when employment has become so scarce, people are hired for work they deserve but because of political blindness, those qualified people won't be hired yet we're touting to have married or intending to marry Volta? Mr President please the Volta region needs to benefit from your development some wai??

I hope your gatekeepers will not try to let this article pass your blindside but I pray that if by any chance this gets to you, kindly act on it with the speed of light. Ever since you claimed you have intention of marrying the region, the people have been in expectant mood waiting for marriage items to be delivered but....... Or you don't wanna marry us again? Are you changing your mind?? View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Top Comments
AwalGybrim · 06/28/2020
We are getting irritated by the actions of nana pharaoh but we are not worried cos the more he oppress Voltarians, the more we increase and the more we win.
+233-20842**** · 06/28/2020
Nonsense find out what comprised the transvolta before the plebiscite!
KonaduCollins · 06/28/2020
keep quiet if you came out to vote we woul

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