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The Supreme Court Ruling On New Register More Political - John Mahama

Bright$ 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.  Former President John Dramani Mahama has given out an address to the nation concerning the court’s decision on the new voters identification card Yesterday, 25th June 2020. According to the Flagbearer, the NDC party is very disappointed and grieved by the ruling of the Supreme Court.

It has thrown the whole state into confusion, he said.

Throughout history, the NDC has made sure no one is left out in the electoral processes of Ghana.

“The NPP has always looked for a structure that seeks to select a lead few who consistently put in place measures to disenfranchise members of its citizens such us a decision to pursue a new voters identification card which is not available to all. This represents a desperate impoundments. A caring and compassionate government won't push its citizens to do such a thing in the pandemic”.

Former President Mahama stated that, the exclusion of the old voters identification card which was formerly being used to conduct a lot of acts such as opening bank accounts and passports has been curtailed.This will discourage people from voting, he said. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The Ghana card though has not yet been fully issued out and a number of them has been duplicated.The decision was obvious that inclusive democracy was abused and the ruling has been more of political. Read also: 12 Health Benefits Of Dates You Didn't Know

“The right to vote must not be curtailed on this minor setback by this ruling of the Supreme Court. He urges all Ghanaians of voting age to Chanel and to involve themselves on Tuesday when registration begins” he added.

 He concluded that, this is what happens when politics is put before the people. He urges Ghanaians to register any sickness or infection as well as taking all the measures and precautions against covid 19 seriously.

What do you think of John Mahama's submission?

Are you willing to register when registrations begin?

Hit me back with your opinions on the comment dialogue.

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GUEST_YPOmLlNje · 06/27/2020
this politrikians are playing with people's lives

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