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Convid-19 Protocols: "You have all the symptoms but we can't run tests till you have a fever"

KwameSarpey 06/26/2020

"According to government protocols the Corona testing center will reject you for you don't have fever" said the medical doctor who took a look at me when I was at the Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital on Friday, 26th June. As I write these words am still at the hospital's pharmacy to collect the drugs prescribed for the treatment of unconfirmed Corona virus.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Six days after unabated sickness I reported to the hospital and despite the challenges posed by the long process before one sees a doctor I made it to the doctor. My sickness started on 19th June and I didn't much give it any attention as I took it as Malaria. After many bouts of malaria I knew enough to know that not all I was experiencing was typical of malaria but I preferred to hope for the best and not think of the worst that could happen.

Sour throat, heart palpitations, dry cough, hot and cold flashes, loss of smell, these are some of the symptoms I reported to the doctor and all he could say as words of consolation were "you should have come when it started and not have treated the fever. Aside for having a temperature that suggests you have a fever the Corona testing center will reject to test you."

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The kind hearted doctor then proceeded to tell me his own issues with the entire testing protocols and blamed it on a government that doesn't listen to doctors. He mentioned how he has only been tested once when he had a fever and it took 2 weeks for him to be informed of the results. He told me of a medical doctor in the same hospital who has died on Corona which no one is allowed to use as an excuse to ask for mass testing of all workers.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. According to my doctor, most of the staff of the hospital haven't even been tested once and he knows a few who should be quarantined but are still allowed to do their duties because "they don't have a fever." He blames the government for spreading false information about the disease and also making it hard for doctors to do their work.

According to him, rapid test kits should be made available to all municipal hospitals and doctors should be free to use based on reported symptoms. From his words one gathers that I'm not the first suspected case he's seen and had to send home but his "hands are tied to do anything aside advice you on home remedies."

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. So do I have Convid 19? I won't be sure but as I wait to get a high temperature I put my family and all I come into contact with in danger. Maybe, it will pass, maybe it really is what everyone even the doctor says it is but we can't be sure without a formal test. The pharmacy did a lousy job and misplaced my health insurance claim sheet so I had to pay for drugs that I don't need and drugs that can't do a thing a thing for the issue that threatens my life.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. When I leave this place I'll take a walk to the Mallam market and buy me some ginger, garlic, cloves and whatever natural spices I can use to treat myself at home. It's about time I took my health serious and started on a regime that is knowledge based. I now understand why the cases of infection keeps rising and I hope those who can put measures in place to curb it will awaken to their senses. If you pray, say a prayer for me. Shalom

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