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Eastwood Anaba is the only genuine man of God in Ghana, the rest are fake - Obotan

Calvary67 06/24/2020

Nkrumah today hosted Obotan, a fake Pastor who was an occultic in time past but has accepted Jesus, forsaken his bad ways and delivered from the hands of the enemy on the seat show on Net 2 TV.

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Obotan, gave Ghanaians more insight on all those prophets Ghanaians have been following blindly. He talked of their fake miracles, how their false prophecies are made and the tricks involved to make it look real, giving you all illusion you want to see.

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He told Ghanaians that there is no is such thing as a Prophet in Ghana, and he very much aware of what is talking about and so no one can challenge him.

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He confessed that, Eastwood Anaba, the general overseer for the Eastwood Anaba ministry is the only genuine man of God, here in Ghana.

He confirmed that he is very sure of what he was saying and he can prove that.

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GUEST_jRgr0wV3p · 06/25/2020
who is this stupid man?
PrincOscobosco · 06/27/2020
you don't know what you are talking about and we don't argue with short weak minded people too because you are entitled to your opinion
GUEST_Gm5PRro9L · 06/25/2020
low brain man
FelixAnku · 06/25/2020
Pls what shows.

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