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COVID-19: Ghana's decision to implement WHO's new recovery protocol hasty?

optimistblog1 06/25/2020

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On his 12th address to Ghana on the measures taken in the fight against COVID-19, the president of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo-Dankwah Akuffo Addo explained to the people of Ghana why the number of the recovery rate was found to have increased exponentially overnight.

In his address, he stated that Ghana has resolved to implement the new protocol by the World Health Organization (WHO); where asymptomatic patients are perceived as 'harmless' and free to be discharged after a period of one week. Thus, accounting partly as one of the causes for the overwhelming recovery rate.

Meanwhile, modelling studies have estimated that up to 40% of coronavirus infections could be transmitted by people who have the virus, but exhibit no symptoms. An expert from the WHO said she did not mention the estimates of up to 40% because those are from models.

She indicated also that It was certain asymptomatic infections occurred, but the frequency was still one of the mysteries about COVID-19 which scientists were investigating.

She said again, that one of the complications is that some asymptomatic patients are in fact pre-symptomatic; they may experience a mild course of disease. However, they may not register that they are sick.

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Huud_k · 06/25/2020
great piece

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