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I Used Oil to Boil Eggs to Fake Miracles, Osofo Obotan Discloses

Useful-Insights 06/25/2020

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A certain pastor by name Osofo Obotan who was allegedly fake and repented has joined Kennedy Agyapong on the hot seat to expose some tricks used by fake pastors and prophets to fake miracles.

According to the man of God, they use certain oil that is like acid to boil eggs to fake miracles for people. This he has done himself before.

“I can tell you to bring an egg, and I will ask you to place it in your right hand and strike it on the floor. If you eat such egg then your healing will come”

The panelist asked him whether it is real or fake, and the repented pastor says it is fake. According to him, there is certain oil like acid that has been poured on the egg that makes it boil and cooked. The time he uses for prayers and the incantations is the time the egg use to boil.

The Repented 'fake pastor', Osofo Obotan joins Kennedy Agyapong to expose some tricks used by alleged fake pastors in Ghana.

Watch the video below:

Source: opera.com
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