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It's Wrong to Say....Here are some corrections to few mistakes we make in English

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. English is one of the languages dominating the world to day.Even natives in some English Speaking Countries often make mistakes.To be perfect in English speaking,these few ones must be put into practice.

1.Wrong:Have you Eaten?

Correc:Have you had breakfast/lunch/Supper?

2.Wrong:Crack your Brain.

Correct:Rack your Brain.To crack means to break into pieces while to rack means to try and remember something.

3.Wrong:I want to barb my hair.

Correct:I want to have my haircut. NB:A barb is a sharp point of a fish hook.

4.Wrong:Did you catch my illusion to the Bible?

Correct:Did you catch my allusion to to the Bible? Illusion means an opinion or idea that is wrong.In the context of the sentence,allusion was needed because it means reference.

5.Wrong:Its been cloudy all day.

Correct:It's been cloudy all day."Its" is the possessive form of it.Hence "it's was needed since it is the contraction of "it has".

These and more are some of the mistakes we often make in English.

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