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Before And After Photos Of American Make Up Artist Nikita Dragun.

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YouTuber Nikita Dragun is numerous things — magnificence influencer, specialist, and Mother of Draguns. Nikita is additionally a good example for living your fact and doing what is best for you, regardless of how troublesome it might appear.

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Nikita was brought into the world male, and in the course of recent years, she has changed into the Nikita her a large number of supporters know and love. Nikita, 24, opened up about her excursion on Instagram as of late and uncovered she is pleased with how far she has come.

Nikita Dragun's excursion is something other than plastic medical procedure.

"My body has changed such a great amount more than 4 years however it at last feels like home! I'm delightful," she composed close by a when image of her change. "I'm an individual. I'm trans. furthermore, I'm damn glad for it. Never been this glad to carry on with my life to the fullest VISIBLE and PROUD."

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She proceeded to include, "We have the right to be dealt with EQUAL. trans rights r human rights! bolster ur trans fam today and regular."

Nikita came out as trans in school when she got her first phony ID with the name Nicole. Fortunately, Nikita's family has been steady of her from the earliest starting point.

You can really watch Nikita's "coming out" second in this 2015 YouTube video.

Nikita conceded she had a plastic medical procedure habit in 2018.

In another YouTube video named "Have I Gotten THE Surgery...," Nikita opened up much progressively about her change and hormone treatment.

"I am dependent on plastic medical procedure," she revealed to her supporters in the 25-minute video. "I as of late broke this compulsion, and I realize that is actually a ton to take in however let me clarify."

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Nikita shared that the hardest piece of her progress was the hormone treatment — and that adjustment in her body brought about her being extremely condemning of her appearance, at last driving her to experience an ever increasing number of restorative methods.

Her total rundown of medical procedures incorporates her temple bone and jaw being shaved, a nose occupation, and bosom inserts, which required another medical procedure to fix a confusion with her bosom tissue.

"I feel this massive strain to need to go, to should be a lady, to need to feel this degree of certainty, so I was truly in this dull spot where I needed to glance in the mirror and prevent myself from needing to make a huge difference since it arrived at where I didn't have a clue why I was doing the medical procedures any longer," Nikita clarified. "I felt so humiliated that I was fixing and doing such a large number of things that it simply didn't make a difference any longer and I was really accomplishing more damage than anything else."

Nikita's when photographs show exactly how far she has come.

Today, Nikita is carrying on with her best life and needs everybody to realize they have to quit asking trans ladies THAT inquiry.

"Envision getting inquired as to whether u 'cut it off,' 'what do u have,' or 'did u get the medical procedure,'" she composed on Instagram. "It used to trouble me so much however really after such a significant number of years idgaf any longer. All I need to state it takes BALLS being a lady these days. What's more, being a lady is far beyond what's in the middle of ur legs."

She finished her inscription with an exceptionally basic message: "I decided to live my reality and if u don't care for it u can SUCK IT."

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