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'Brothers at war' — Ghana said to recall its Ambassador from Nigeria

Accra 06/24/2020

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Ghana and Nigeria in a full scale diplomatic war. The fire and fury has come from Nigeria senators who calling the heavens to ground over the demolition of a small facility according them Nigeria has to retaliate by same measure against Ghanaian interest in Nigeria.

“I think we should look at this thing from the premise that the Nigerian state was attacked. It was not a building that was demolished, no; the Nigerian state was attacked. I think if we look at it from that premise, we will begin to understand or underscore the importance or gravity of what we are dealing with.” The leader of the House said. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

According to reports by Punch: These lawmakers compare Nigeria to the United States of America and ask a minister to reciprocate what US could do to Ghana in case a US building is demolished. 

"if it were the United States’ embassy that was demolished in Ghana, “do we think the US would be talking about apology or ‘we will look into it’? asked lawmakers.

Meanwhile, sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ghana, who shall remain nameless has told Accra News Ghana is planning to recall its consulate mission and Ambassador in Abuja because of insecurity over the diplomatic spats.

“The Ghanaian state is closely monitoring the development in Nigeria and will take decisive steps to reduce tensions but if tensions escalate further which include the security of consulate staffs, the government of Ghana shall recall when the need arises”, the source said.

Ghana Nigeria relations have always went through challenging diplomatic tensions and misnomers.

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Last year, Nigeria unilaterally decided to close its land borders causing Ghanaian businesses billions of cedis in damages but Ghana did not bring pressure to bear on Nigeria over its unilateral decision.

We call on our Authorities to take proactive steps to face Nigeria squarely should tensions escalate further because we have gotten nothing to lose in a diplomatic 'crises' with Nigeria.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
Nonono · 06/24/2020
U are correct, after all what is Nigeria contribution to West Africa and Africa at large if not Boko Haram and it terrorist activities, Fulani herds men and their minance , criminals and money ritualist, internet frausters and armed robbery etc we can survive 1000 times with out Nigeria, close the embassy and call Ghanaians home and our country will be safer than before
ChimaObi_07 · 06/24/2020
Ghanaians are uncivilized
+233-20811**** · 06/24/2020
All Ghanaians in Nigeria, please come back home. We are closing our embassy. All Nigerians in Ghana, enough of your rituals and fraudulence. Go home with your laptops
gyeneonline · 06/24/2020
I think your article deserves an award the way you made it clear the cases from both sides. It looks like most media coverages are hiding times where nigeria have been unfair to Ghana but always amplify their voices the way round. Ghana media must tell the true side of the stories snd stop republishing how foreign media negatively report issues concerning Ghana.

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