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This is the type of earthquake Accra, Koforidua and some parts of Ghana experienced last night

Lovbyte 06/25/2020

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Earthquakes occur as underground rocks deep down the earthcrust suddenly breaks. As a result of this, there is a release of energy causing the ground to shake. The shaking is by reason of the seismic waves which is generated by reason of the breakdown of the rocks.

Some parts of Ghana expecially Accra and Koforidua just experienced an earthquake but then we ought to know the specific earthquake which occured. Now, there 4 different types of earthquakes.

They are

1.Tectonic earthquake

2.Volcanic earthquake

3.Collapse earthquake 

4.Explosion earthquake

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1. Tectonic earthquake

This type of earthquake happens when the earth's crust dismantles due to geological forces on rocks and adjoining rock plates resulting in both physical and chemical changes.

2. Volcanic earthquake

A volcanic earthquake results from tectonic forces which occur in combination with volcanic activity. It happens in the course of a volcanic eruption.

3. Collapse earthquake

A collapse earthquake is a light earthquakes in underground caverns and at mining centres. This type of earthquathake is caused by seismic waves which is generated as miners and rock crackers was dynamite to breakdown rocks.

4. Explosion earthquake

This earthquake occurs when there is a detonation of a nuclear and/or chemical device.

The device used to determine or know the type of an earthquake is called seismograph. However, just from the explanation given above we can predict the type of earthquake some parts of Ghana experienced.

It's just obvious that Accra, Koforidua and some parts of Ghana just experienced a Tectonic earthquake.

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AghGH · 06/25/2020
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+233-055752**** · 06/25/2020
this is not NPP matter ooo everybody must repent
BerniceAmewu · 06/25/2020
God pls give as our sin and help as to repent from our veil dids
GUEST_n4MOxa1ve · 06/25/2020
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