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The mystery behind wearing anklet.

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Anklets bracelets are worn on the ankle. It has been there since the 90’s. Wearing an anklet has it own meaning perculiar to every country or society.

In some countries it is was worn by the aristocrats to identify them as royals , in some countries to it was worn to signify slavery , whichever be the case it significance to these people cannot be downplayed.

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In a typical African society like Ghana, there is a kind of perception given to people who delight in wearing anklets.People see them in a certain kind of way.It is either they are not coming from good homes, they are sleep around with men popularly called “Ashawo” or they being possessed by some demonic spirit.

Many atimes we see decent people who are still in anklet and we wonder if some of these perception also apply to them.

What I have personally noticed is that, many people wear the anklets just as a fashion trend or probably they saw someone wearing it which looked nice on them and also decided to wear and really because they are prostitute or not coming from good homes.

Some people when they give birth to their newly born babies , prefer to put some anklet on them. I sometimes why they do it .On one occasion is mastered courage and ask a woman why she has put anklet on her baby and this was what she said “ in our family it is a norm that anyone who gives birth to a newly born must put on anklet for the baby , because it protect them away from evil eyes”

As to whether it is the case or not we can’t tell but that is what is some people’s believe.

Dont are anyone who wears an anklet as an evil person because that is not always the case.

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