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Dzidzor Mensah Finally Serves us Right With Eye Popping Photo Of His Man (Photos)

Topstories_01 06/29/2020

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Dzidzor Mensah, former HIV / AIDS ambassador, is in the news once again after revealing her newborn baby's father.

Dzidzor Mensah said she had delivered a new child in March 2020. The child was raised in Germany where Dzidzor lived for some time now. Dzidzor has again participated in a case against her child's father three months after her announcement.

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The man whom she identified, according to Dzidzor, only refused the attendance on 27 June at the naming ceremony of her child. In a social media video.

Mr Stephen told her that he had requested the naming ceremony to be organized, but the man failed to appear and even blocked him from contacting him, after all of their efforts to organize the name ceremony.

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Dzidzor admitted that the actions of Mr. Stephen hurt her heart and finds it hard to sleep. In her speech Dzidzor published a image of what Mr Stephen said was her newborn baby's father.

Dzidzor Mensah was a very controversial figure when she courageously announced herself as the HIV carrier and was named AIDS Ambassador.

She claimed after declaring herself to be HIV-positive, and for many years serving as AIDS Ambassador, that she lied about her status, thus stripping her of her position as an ambassador.

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Since then Dzidzor has taken up other issues, including social media striping. She was also interested in false charges against influential individuals.

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FreedomNumaworse · 06/30/2020
we are not interested in that so called dzidzor news again.
Ibrahimessien · 07/1/2020
that lady can talk

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