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Best 15 tweets after Liverpool were confirmed Champions of England

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Last night Liverpool football club was crowned Champions of the ongoing English Premier League after Manchester City lost two goals to one against the London based club Chelsea Football Club at Stamford Bridge. Here are the best 15 tweets pundits, fans, newspapers shared on their various Twitter accounts after Liverpool were confirmed champions of England.

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* I have a lot of love for this Liverpool title.

Enact a process that gives smart people control.

Make endless choices that are smarter than your opponents.

Choose the right coach. And the right style of play.

Overcome a huge spending disparity with rivals.

And just crush.

* 2014: Chelsea beats Liverpool to help Man City win the title.

2015: Chelsea draws with Tottenham to help Leicester City win the title.

2020: Chelsea beats Man City to help Liverpool win the title.

* Always thought that after waiting 25 years for Liverpool to win the title I'd be in the ground to see it, before going missing on the ale for weeks. Instead, I'm celebrating with my Mum and Grandmother. The only people I've seen since March. And I wouldn't change it for anything.

* 8 October 2015.

An unforgettable day in the history of Liverpool Football Club.

Today, this man has led an unstoppable team to Premier League glory.

The story of Liverpool's journey to the title: https://t.co/JmMhez1F6Z https://t.co/jBl2BC1fGp - BBC SPORTS

YNWA: Our brother Colm Horkan would have been very proud to have seen Liverpool lift the League title tonight. Tonight is full of emotions for many - not least for Colm and his family. “It’s forever. It’s not just about a football club, it’s about family, how you live.” #ColmRIP 

* On the 9th of October 2015, Jurgen Klopp had his first press conference as the new Liverpool manager. He went on to say: "If I sit here in four years, I am pretty confident we will have one title."

Four seasons later, he delivered.

* Congratulations to my cousin Opeyemi Kazeem on Liverpool's title win. He was a massive Liverpool fan & was never tempted to join our side of the family in supporting United. We lost him suddenly 4 months ago at 23. He was an incredibly good kid. He waited his whole life for this.

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* 🏆 2014: Chelsea beat Liverpool to help Man City win the title

🏆 2015: Chelsea draw with Tottenham to help Leicester win the title

🏆 2020: Chelsea beat Man City to help Liverpool win the title

Arsenal and Man U pls humble urself, we will dash u guys one

* Jurgen Klopp emotionally overwhelmed after delivering first Liverpool title in 30 years. His leadership is incredible. Lose heartbreaking Champions League Final, go back win it the next year. Pipped by Man City last season, crush all comers this one. Embodiment of Tenacity 🙌🇩🇪

* So let me get this right-

Brixton and Notting Hill - illegal street parties and police injured. “Horrendous”

Bournemouth Beach 1000’s descended and are widely condemned. “Awful people”

Liverpool win title and 1000’s descend on Anfield. “Awwww bless em”

Funny old world eh.

* Can’t really put into words what it means. All the years watching other sides win it. The taunts. The average Liverpool sides we followed all over the country. The slip. Jürgen Klopp has built the best team in world football and given us the league title. I absolutely adore him.

* The last time Liverpool won a League title in the UK, the Soviet Union was still around, the world wide web had not started & Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane were not even born.

But before that, they'd won 6 league titles in the 80s.

* "I have no words. It is unbelievable, much more than I thought was possible. Becoming champions with this club is absolutely incredible. This is for Kenny, for Stevie - everyone!

* Don’t understand how anyone could resent Liverpool winning the league. The best team by miles. Great manager. Hard-working. The fantastic club who is rightly back in conversation with the best teams in the world.

Maybe it’s because my club isn’t a title-chasing team but I’m happy for them!

* 7 – Liverpool have won the @premierleague title with seven games still left to play – this is the earliest title victory in English top-flight history in terms of remaining matches when crowned champions. Romped.

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