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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong lists all the Godly churches in Ghana.

George2003 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Breakiing News: Kennedy Agyaponng Has Listed the God Fearing Churches in Ghana: is your Church Part 

Ghana is a Christian nation and is a serene, adoring nation in this world. Christians in this nation comply with their congregation ministers than even their spouses and their affection ones. This has given the a few ministers specialists to do what they are doing and have control over the individuals in the congregation. The congregation individuals can't comprehend why they regard their ministers than their adoration ones. 

Mr. Kennedy Acheampong has given us an idea of how a few houses of worship and ministers are misleading the congregation individuals in their own specific manner without God rules. Kennedy Acheampong has been similar to Paul in our chance to let us open our own from our sleep. We will wake up from this and gain an exercise likewise from what he is doing, likewise will one day talk about him to our grandkids. 

This supposed phony ministers are not coming out to substantiate themselves to general society to realize that genuinely they are from the living God. 

This Churches are as per the following 

The Seventh Day Adventist Church 

The Church of Methodist 

What's more, Muslims 

Mr. Kennedy Acheampong expressed that ''he has work with the Seventh day Adventist from 2007 to date since when they lecture you can feel that they are revealing to you the expression of God not about common things and falsehoods that are vanity.

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