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The Main Source Of The Fake Pastors In Ghana: Ken Agyapong Must Throw His Radar There

dailyanalyst 06/28/2020

It is no doubt that the most satisfying yet demanding professions is Christian ministry. 

However, unlike other professions, human cannot just walk and choose Christian ministry, it is the ministry that chooses you. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus is the head of the Church and it is He Himself who chooses who should enter full-time ministry

Ghana the story is different. People sleep and wake up, pick their Bible and choose a good nick name for themselves and start practicing the works of the prophets.

Most of those so called Prophets entered the work for financial and to amass resources from poor innocent Ghanaians.

Someone will wonder why Kennedy Agyapong has always be on them, exposing their secret deeds to the general public with videos but still their Churches are always full.

It happens they attend school for that. They go there where they are trained to know how to manipulate people's mind and get every bit of information they need without asking.

In this kind of school, there is nothing to teach than to master tactics to beat the local women and scrutinized them for their hard earned money .

Just look have a look at the photo.

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