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Are all husbands fathers of the children their wives bear?

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. All over the world, it is widely accepted that husbands are the fathers of the children their wives bear in the marriage. It is therefore a foregone conclusion that women in marriage are always pregnant for their own husbands.

As such even when a man is in doubt of the pregnancies their wives carry in the marriage they are unable to question since society will condemn and shame them as being irresponsible and impotent. The wives therefore get the cover of responsible husbands to play infedility.

However in recent times there has been frequent proves by the DNA tests that husbands are not always the owners of the pregnancies their wives carry in the marriage. It is shocking news to hear of well-to-do husbands suffering such fate. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The question is why is it so?. It is so because there are women who have been married to men whose characters or looks are unattractive to them.? They are in these marriages for the sake of financial security. Such women tend to hatch the idea of looking for other men whose looks and characters attract them.

These wives may go out with the innocent guys in your absence, spread them to booze so they can take advantage of them. When they get pregnant the guys may not know. In some cases they are employees of the family that work in their home.

Still in other instances they travel away from home in search of men with looks that entice them. These happenings may also be attributed to the fact that some husbands think what wives need is enough money.

They overlook the intimacy that husbands must have with their wives.Some pride themselves in the fact that their wives lack nothing and warn them to refrain from complaining about their lifestyles.

What husbands and husbands -to-be who want to father all their children need to note are to:Stop deceiving themselves that women need nothing but money. To remain as romantic as they started with and ensure the intimacy fire keep burning.

Be sure to service and maintain their wives. Taking their eyes off completely and focusing totally on travelings and chasing contracts may ruin their families Sit up, father make all the pregnancies lest you become a Father Surrogate.

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