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Why Some People Prefer Hell To Heaven.

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The world we live in today consist of different kinds of individuals and what they practice daily based on their religious faith and believes . It would be impossible for everyone in the world to have the same way of thinking and believe about certain things that happens in life.

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Even though we all know God is the creator of all things , some people still doubt His existence and this can be traced from their religious believes and practices. Everyone in this world legally has the right to belong to any religion of his or her choice but sometimes situations pushes people in certain religions and acts that barely destroys their destiny at the end of everything.

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It no one faults to be precised, some people just feel like they could have not existed, others feel nothing is good about life, such thoughts are sometimes true but they really have great negative impacts in our lives and then suddenly, our lives onto the made road, "our way to distraction"

Life really has a lot to offer, that is one major reason why you and I exist , the opportunities are yet to come but they are just waiting for the right moments. If you think you are really facing difficulties in life ,just remember everything works together for good and everything will soon be well.

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Why do some people prefer hell to heaven?

The answer is just because they believe there is no God or "Creator". Such people really involve their selves in acts that pleases their flesh and their lives at the end leads them to terrible situations . The only solution to such feel is just knowing the truth about the world, that is , "nothing exist without a creator" therefore if we are are in a world called earth then definitely there is a creator,I mean God.

As individuals , we all have a mission to accomplish in this world , therefore we must really pay serious attention about everything we do or say. We must all try to create our own world so that everything will work together for our good.

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