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Breaking News in Ghana this morning Friday 26th June, 2020

Zigfred 06/26/2020

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1. Miraculous: Brakeless Bus opts for pedestrian walkway to avoid bloodshed.

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A quick-thinking on the part of a bus driver in Kumasi on Thursday morning averted what could have been a fatal accident.

The driver of the minibus [trotro] was descending a hill when the brakes reportedly failed.

He was on the Tech highway in Kumasi, moving from the Top High area towards the KNUST Junction (Tech junction).

A few metres before he went under the pedestrian overhead bridge at the KNUST junction, the brakes of the vehicle reportedly failed.

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In his attempt to avoid running into the traders and food vendors who ply their trade below the bridge, and pedestrians on the side of the road, the driver opted to enter pedestrian walkway meant for Persons With Disability (PWDs) to access the overhead bridge.

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Fortunately, the walkway was empty at the time except for a roadside preacher who had mounted his speakers and was sharing the word of God.

After climbing the walkway, the bus suddenly came to a stop and other drivers around the scene hurriedly rushed with cement blocks to restrain [chock] the vehicle from reversing.

2. Ruling on Voters' register: We are disappointed and we disagree with the court- Mahama

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The presidential candidate of the opposition NDC says the party disagrees with the Supreme Court’s ruling on the compilation of a new voter register for the December polls.

At a press briefing after a seven-member panel gave the Electoral Commission the greenlight to compile a new electoral roll, the former president said his party is dissatisfied with the ruling.

“Despite the well-reasoned reliefs we sought, the apex court of our land has given a leeway for the Electoral Commission to go ahead with the exclusion of the existing voter identification card from the list of identification requirement for the registration of the new register.

“We are deeply disappointed and we sternly disagree with the court over this outcome which has confounded many legal experts and indeed has thrown the whole country into a state of confusion,” he added.

The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision on Thursday has ruled that the Electoral Commission has the power to compile a new register.

This comes after a private citizen, Mark Takyi-Banson and the opposition NDC filed the case in court asking that it stops the EC from compiling the register or allow the use of the birth certificate and voters ID card by prospective voters as proof of identification.

The Commission in its legal arguments says the existing voter register which was compiled in 2012 and has since been revised by limited exercises has been held by the apex court as not being reasonably credible.

The court in its decision held that the EC is an independent body and will only be directed by the court if it acts contrary to law.

Mr Mahama said they had hoped that the ruling would be different.

However, while they await the full reasons for the judgement the party’s legal team is examining the decision.

The former president nonetheless said “it is also worrying that the court deferred the reasons for its decision to the 15 July, a date by which time the EC would have been two weeks into the said registration exercise.”

3. Danger! Blood Bank unable to meet demand: As Covid-19 creates shortage

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Of the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic Of the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created in the healthcare system, the National Blood Service has got its fair share: the blood bank is in dire need of life-saving blood.

Restrictions on social distancing occasioned by the pandemic have affected mass donation of blood across the country, with the National Blood Service currently unable to meet its daily supply of 250 units of blood to various health facilities in Accra.

The development is impacting negatively on the stock of blood at the bank, which is currently unable to meet demand and thereby putting at risk patients who may require blood transfusion in emergency situations for survival.

To remedy the situation, the service is embarking on a community donating drive to appeal to individuals to donate blood to shore up the reserves at the blood bank.

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Transfusion of blood and blood products help and save millions of lives every year. It often becomes the lifeline for patients suffering from life-threatening conditions, as well as supports complex medical and surgical procedures.

The Public Relations Officer, Mr Stephen Addai-Baah, explained to The Mirror that the bank had been compelled by the current situation to reduce the quantity of blood supplied to some of the health facilities.

“Sometimes, we get a request from some heath facilities for about 20 units of blood. However, we can only supply five units because other facilities are also waiting for their supplies,” he said.

4. Mohiani group donates GhC 150K to Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund.

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The Mohinani Group has donated GHC150,000 to the Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund in support of the construction of Ghana’s first infectious disease treatment centre.

Executive Director of the Mohinani Group, Nii Ayi Hyde presented a cheque for the amount to the trust at a ceremony at the site of the infectious disease facility.

Mr. Hyde explained that the donation was in fulfillment of the company’s corporate social responsibility to the country at a time when the nation is faced with a pandemic.

“We feel the Private sector have to do their part in giving back to society and it should be everyone's interest to see an end to Covid-19,” Mr. Hyde said.

The project to build the infectious disease treatment centre started in the second half of April and is due to be completed by the end of this month, when the facility will be opened for use as part of the country’s fight back against Covid-19.

Mr. Hyde said he was “very impressed with what has been achieved” in a short time, adding that “this shows what we are capable of achieving if we put our heads together.”

He was confident that the construction of the 100-bed infectious disease isolation and treatment facility will improve the general health care of Ghanaians.

Felix Kyei-Mensah, the Administrator of the Ghana Covid-19 Private sector Fund received the donation on behalf of the Trustees. He thanked The Mohinani Group for the kind gesture and urged other well-meaning organisations to contribute to ensure the speedy and timely completion of the project.

When completed the facility will be used to treat critically-ill Covid-19 patients. When the pandemic is over it will be used in the treatment of people who may be afflicted by other infectious diseases.

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Stupid, the same Apex court which put u in power in 2012, the same u are disagreeing, why not disagree in 2012.
KofiYeboah_15 · 06/26/2020
john mahama has now become a judge.
GUEST_rPgoqzK1Y · 06/26/2020
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u know definitely u will loose.but u just try ur best.so mahatma should shut up

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