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An Australian fisherman caught a huge fish

HansbeckJnr 06/29/2020

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Australia is one place where you can expect to see animals that you have not seen before. From having the deadliest snakes and the biggest spiders, Australia is also home to some of the rarest forms of sea creatures.A fisherman caught a 22 kilograms fish. After wrestling with the red monster with the fishing rod and reel for about 20 minutes, he finally got the 104 centimeter fish on the deck of the boat . To put it simply the creature looked nothing short of an alien from the classic 1979 horror film by the same name. No, am are not saying this, the man who caught the creature said this.The fisherman who was fishing with a group of people at the area on the Mary River, Australia caught the afore mentioned creature. In an interview, he said, "Honestly the first thing I thought about was the Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver and that thing that comes out of people's stomach, that's exactly what I thought, and that's what they describe it as when you look it up on the internet."

He further explained, "It's like redish-brown, it had a really weird head, but the body was like an eel and it didn't even move or wiggle, it was like stunned, like stealth mode. It has sharp teeth, it could bite, no worries, you would not be willing to put your finger near it."

Source: opera.com
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