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Check out these common laptop problems and how to fix them yourself before sending it to a repairer

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Throughout the years computers have gone from massive and substantial to thin and lightweight which can be carried everywhere. Be that, as it may, even with all the updates in power, size, limit and memory, PC issues despite everything emerge almost everyday. Here is a brisk rundown of five of the most well-known issues we always face in our everyday usage with our laptops and how you can address them all alone, all by your self. 

Problem: Loud fan or excess heat followed by shut down.

We move our laptops around almost everyday. This can prompt restriction of air which enters into the fan. It additionally gives them a lot of chances to drag dust and outside particles into their cooling framework by means of their fan entrance. 

Solution: Use your PC on solid and flat platforms. Avoid putting it on delicate surfaces that may prevent entry and exit of air. Clear out your fan with pressured air like an air blower device. Reduce the number of application softwares you run on you PC because the more programs you have running, the harder it needs to work. 

Problem: Laptop running slowly.

This happens frequently and could be identified with hard drive space, malware or the main indications of hardware disappointment. 

Solution: There are heaps of approaches to attempt to handle speed issues, however just limit the number of files you put on your hard drive space. 

Problem: Battery doesn't last.

Probably the best element of a PC is that it's remote and mobile. In any case, we live in consistent fear of emptying our battery and running from power, so we are continually hard on our battery. 

Solution: First, check the entirety of your charger connections to be sure they are not faulty. One of the best fixes of all innovation is essentially to completely empty the power out of the battery and recharge it again. To do so, you have to leave the laptop ON until completely runs out of battery itself, after which you recharge it again. On the off chance that, despite everything it still doesn't last long, just replace the battery. 

Problem: No internet access.

PCs are famous for losing connectivity with the web, which can be an annoying problem. Prior to expecting a type of gear disappointment, attempt some essential troubleshooting. 

Solution: most PCs, have been built with wireless buttons to establish internet conmectivity. Discover it and ensure it's in the ON position. Update your device drivers on your PC using an offline software (SDI update can help) to solve the problem. 

Problem: Black Screen.

You open up your PC, power it on, hear it running, however the screen is dark. 

Solution: Unplug the charger from the laptop, take out the battery and afterward hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. Plug the charger and re-boot the laptop. At that point shut down once more, put the battery back in and re-boot your machine.

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