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Alleged Reasons why Nana Addo ordered the Auditor General to proceed on leave revealed?

HalaKSO 06/29/2020

Many Ghanaians have reacted to the communique from the Presidency concerning the the leave of the no nonsense Auditor General, Mr. Daniel Demelevo as directed by the president H. E. Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo. Summing up the various comments from many netizens reacting to this here are some of the alleged reasons for the accumulated leave:

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1.Ghanaians believe that the government is up to something fishy and this strict Auditor is an impediment to that course.Earlier this month this man prevented the payment of the arrears of some government officials and Parliamentarians including the president H. E. Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.

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2.Many Ghanaians especially the political commentators believe that the Government wants to spend on its course of sustaining power in this electioneering season.

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3.Some people believe it is an act in the right order as backed by law especially the NPPs as the exact law the President used to execute the order to leave is legitimate according to the constitution of Ghana.

4.It is also alleged that through this leave the most adored and honest Auditor General will be taken off his post. That he will not be coming back to his office as the Auditor General of the Republic. The government sees Mr. Demelevo as a thorn in its flesh because he has on many occasions not supported the expenditure of this current order.

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Top Comments
wofaboasiako · 06/30/2020
how can an NDC full blooded useless man be AG in npp government?
SilasCudjoe_01 · 07/1/2020
birds of the same feathers fly together. AG is not corrupt therefore he can not be moving with corrupt gvt
GUEST_7aD70yBwy · 06/30/2020
has Mr President also gone on leave since 2017 January... Quote the Act and proceed on live too... or else you will go on retirement after 2020 December.
MartinAkpabli · 06/30/2020
let us ask why ,for almost four years he also don't want to go on leave for even 2 weeks. there is something he is also trying to hide. we have all work at top positions before. he shut up and proceed. and come back

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