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NDC, EC Case: Confusion erupts over Supreme Court ruling

GhAyamdor 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. There is a growing confusion between lawyers of the NDC and the Attorney General over the judgement delivered by the Apex court in the case involving the EC and the opposition NDC.

The Court ruled that the commission can go on with the planned voter registration exercise in accordance with CI 96 and 126 as amended. But the NDC say the court rule in favor of their relief compelling the EC to accept the existing voter ID card as a proof of citizenship for the registration which the Attorney General understands otherwise.

Both parties in the case are still at the court to get more clarity into the ruling.

The NDC filed a suit at the Apex court to get the EC stoped from compiling a new voter register for the 2020 elections and or accept the existing voter ID card and birth certificate as proof of citizenship for the registration. The ruling was initially scheduled on the 23rd of June but was later adjourned indefinitely for a new suit seeking the same relief to be consolidated with the NDC's suit. The court upon hearing the statements of Case by the parties involved scheduled the judgement to today Thursday June 25.

The court presided over by the chief Justice Isaac Anim Yeboah however unanimously ruled in the ECs favor to go on to compile the new Voter register for the elections but not in an arbitrary or capricious manner to deprive citizens their constitutional rights to register to vote.

This ruling brought brewing confusion and misinterpretations between the two parties involved of which lawyers of the parties are stugged at the supreme Court to get all ambiguities and uncertainties surrounding the ruling cleared.

Source: opera.com
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