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Rev. Obofour Must Ensure Immediate Release of Nana Hoahi from Police Remind

PStheauthor 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Rev. Kwaku Antwi Ajdei Pupolarly known as Rev. Obofour has been advised by Okomfo Sakumba to ensure the realeased of his formal allies Nana Hoahi from police remind.

Sakumba on AKan TV yesterday evening made a deep revelation. He said there was a spiritual meeting against the founder of Anointed Palace Chapple. Sakumba said, what he saw on his vision was good for Rev. Obofour.

Nana Osei Bonsu Hoahi was reminded for two weeks on an alleged defamation of Rev. Obofour's Character. He will be rearrange for court after the two weeks remind.

He further advised that, Rev. Obofour must act fast because the curse of Hoahi's Twin brother and the family will hold. There is only one thing that can avert the curses. That is where Rev Obofour seeks to settle the case amicably. He also caution Nana Hoahi's family to watch out because some part of their curese will come to back to their house.

He declared to the masses expecially bloggers to stop creating confussion between people. Do you believe that, the curses of Hoahi's Family will hold? Does that means there is a hidden truth somewhere.

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BanteebSimonk. · 06/26/2020
AyimEbenezer · 06/27/2020
God is the judge, if the curse will.hold it is from God,i dont know why people are asking for the release of this person, when he was damaging the image of Obofuor,there was no one to caution him,now he is paying for his crimes and you have people calling for his release, he should prove his allegations.

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