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Ama Born Again exposes Nigel Gaisie, explains why he sleeps with women before service

Tinch 06/24/2020

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More explosive allegations have been levelled against the Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie. One lady who claimed to have introduced Prophet Gaisie to occultism, Ama Born Again has explained further, giving credence to allegations leveled against him about how he sleeps with women before ministering to the church.

According to Ama Born Again, Prophet Gaisie licks the genitalia of his sexual partners with an occultic ring so he could activate the ungodly powers so he could perform his miracles.

"He will finger you, lick you and deposit the ring in your genitalia, and then pick it when you are wet. He will suck dry your cum on the ring to activate his powers as directed by the ritualist" she narrated.

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She continued that Prophet Nigel Gaisie had to be introduced to other false prophets most of whom were Nigerians in Gambia to put his powers to test.

Ama Born Again cried that her Senegalese friend [Yemah] who had offered her apartment to accommodate Nigel Gaisie, was the first victim to those spiritual sexual encounters.

She disclosed that she had to sponsor Nigel Gaisie in Gambia so he could raise some money to support his ministry. She even showed a fake call card they had to design to build some public confidence and identify for the prophet.

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Ama Born Again cried that she had wanted to expose Nigel Gaisie to the friend [Yemah] when she learnt that a teacher Nigel Gaisie slept with, had died.

"I was afraid for my friend. I though she will die if I don't tell her" she said.

"But Nigel Gaisie was so eager to get wealthy. She slept with any woman he comes across" Ama Born Again narrated.

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Top Comments
BBNOA · 06/25/2020
I don't understand something here, you knew if he sleep with a woman then the woman dies but you also allowed him to sleep with you!! hmmnn only God knows and can judge
GUEST_mZJax2Vwo · 06/25/2020
By their fruits,they shall be known
TargetXMarWalker · 06/25/2020
master think about this Jesus made the marketing plan form but he never enjoyed anything, only nkwaseafo na wore enjoyed obiara beho won embesiafo na woagyimi na wo be ko ho still asofo AzaaaAAAAA
PrinceBlessmoore · 06/25/2020
why can't the government just closed his church....

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