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Earth Tremor Hits Accra – CCTV Footage

Seth5004 06/25/2020

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Accra on Wednesday night experienced what appeared like earth tremor for like three times.

Last night was not a good one as people claimed they wouldn’t sleep because they were afraid of what could happen next. As this tremor happened people took to social media to see people from parts of the country who experienced and there were tons of comments on people experiencing the tremor last night.

Some of the affected areas included Ashaley Botwe, East Legon, Kosoa, Adenta, Madina, Odorkor, Weija, Kaneshie, Spintex, Teshie, Lapaz, Tesano and many more.   

Many residents reported on social media that they felt the earth shake for like three times.

A resident of Weija shared his experience after the phenomenon.

“It all started at exactly 10:48 pm. At first, we thought because it was a rainy season, it was normal which we did not take it seriously. But after some time, it happened again in a few seconds. And it happened again the third time. As I speak with you a lot of families have come out of their rooms trying to look for safety places,” he said.

The earth was noted to have hit certain parts of the world too such as USA, Delhi.

This is link to a CCTV footage that captured the incident.


Did you experience it in your area? Let’s know in the comment session.

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