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What to expect from Anas's "scammers and thieves" documentary


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Anas is an investigative journalist. He practices a different kind of journalism known as undercover journalism. Anas is from Bimbilla in Northern Ghana and grew up in Burma Camp, a military barracks in Accra together with his two sisters. After attending Christian Methodist Senior High School in Accra, He attended the Ghana Institute of Journalism. He is currently set to real the "scammers and thieves " documentary on coronavirus. Here are things to expect from the documentary.

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Top political individuals are going to be captured in the documentary. Anas has carried out similar operationsin the past. Political figures are the most targeted because they are known to be the most corrupt individuals. This won't be any different as the issues of policy making revolves around these politicians. I don't want to mention names but expect political Giants to be exposed.

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Health workers mostly on the front line will be the next targeted. In as much as these health workers are on the frontline risking their lives, they will not be left out as the may be some wrong doings. I don't know what it is but I sure know the the tiger eye sees beyond the ordinary.

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The third thing to expect from this documentary is the patients of COVID-19. Numbers rosed beyond imagination and many people were said to have contacted the virus. "How true?" remains the question that every citizen continues to ask. Expect this and even more from the documentary.

We do not know exactly what the documentary contain but we know that once Anas Aremeyaw Anas is involved, we expect nothing but highly classified information. He believes in justice and uses his journalism to name, shame, and jail.

What do you expect from the documentary?

Let's know in the comments section.

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