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The Menace Of Street Children In Our Communities

YusifAmin 1d

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Children they say are the future, but it is amazing how some of the children are made to suffer at such tender ages. Most of these children either have no parents or stay with people who they do not relate to and the conditions of life in the houses force them to flee from them. When these children leave their so called houses, they go to the street because they have no place to go. I would like to highlight the menace of street children in my community.

Street children stand at high risk of loosing their lives because of the intensity of danger they go through. Because street children do not have parents or people who will be willing to take care of them, they tend to work and feed themselves. Hawking on the street is the only option which quickly comes to mind. Some engage in selling of items like ice water, toilet rolls and the likes on the street. The dangerous thing is that they may be knockdown by a vehicle. Since most of this children are very young, the possibility of them being knockdown by a vehicle is high. Take for example an incident which took place at the main street of my community not quite long ago. A girl selling ice water there was mercilessly knocked down by a moving car when she was crossing the road. Unfortunately she died on the spot. What a sad incidence!

Again, education they say is the key to success but obviously these street children lack this key. This happens usually because these children don't have people to take care of them, to buy them books and pay their school fees. Education helps people to know their right but because these people do not have education they stand the risk of being abused by others.

In conclusion, I would like to say that problems of street children are many and cannot be overlooked. I can talk on their risk on the roads, the teenage pregnancies, the abortions, the education they lack and their right which are being infringe upon. I think immediate attention should be given to them because their future is the future of Ghana.

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