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How to detect a fake online businesses

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Regarding the advance of the internet today, businesses start to operate the online system to make the life of customers comfortable. Moreover, with the spread of the deadly corona which led to global lockdown, people are now conscious about these online means of earning some cash. In the process of getting the right online business, many become victims of fake businesses which consume their hard earned money. However some people are making big money with companies through the online system.

If you have fallen a victim of fake businesses, here are the steps to avert them next time.

1. YouTube

This is a social platform where videos are uploaded for fun, entertainment and other stuffs. Businesses also upload presentation videos, achievement and testimonies on this platform. It is therefore necessary to search for the business you are questioning about. When the facts are not relevant, please continue your peaceful life. If you get some facts, wait! Follow the next step.

2. Ask Google

Google is a popular search engine used by almost everyone. You may use any search engine you have. Search about the business and get crucial facts. This enlightens your knowledge about the business. You must get the business site from the results of the site engine. Check to see if it's https site, but not http(without s). Since it's about investing your money, try to get a contact from the site.

3. Contact/WhatsApp

WhatsApp or contact the number on the site. If it's a WhatsApp number, you are on the go. Get to chat the person. Ask for more information. Ask about the offices and services, assurance, insurance, and most importantly the withdrawal method. That's not all.

4. Test of patience

Next, inform the person that you will come back to him or her in due time. If the person pressures you, it's because he is setting a trap. But if he plays it cool and allow you to take your time and take the proper decision. While doing that, you restart the first three steps and compare how the various areas you searched about the business relate, that is the differences and similarities. If something is wrong somewhere, then my dear, it's up to you.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. I believe you now know what to do next when searching for an online business. There are real businesses online out there, go and make money. Good luck.

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