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Voltarians Are Not Ghanaians; We wont Allow Them To Vote - Honorable K.T Hammond

2ruth 06/28/2020

The MP of Adansi Asokwa Constituency, Honorable K.T Hammond has said that, the voltarians, for that matter Ketu South indigenes are not Ghanaians.

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Addressing the Media on the reasons why heavy military have been deployed to the borders, specifically the Volta Region, he said that there is history to back his statements.

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According to the MP, both Voltarians and the Togolese are the same tribe. They both share the same territories, therefore history shows they are all not Ghanaians.

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He continued to say that, in 2008, those who where not Ghanaians from both Togo and Volta Region voted massively for the National Democratic Congress to lead in the second round.

During his briefing, a Journalist interfered to tell him that there is no evidence to back what he is saying, the Honorable insisted that what he is saying is a fact.

He stated categorically that the military, immigration and police oficers, were deplored to Volta Region to prevent all those who are not Ghanaians, specifically Voltarians and some Togolese from registering to vote.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
FKodA · 06/28/2020
If war arises in this country, it's Akuffo Addo nd his government. Blame no Ghanaian!! Am not sure these people will sit down to watch these military men intimidate them. Where then is this Country moving to? Annoying!! Foolish nd nonsense talk from an MP if it's true he said this. Empty headed..,
OwusuSekyere_02 · 06/28/2020
NDC and tribalism Ghanaian are very wise it will not work idiot opposition
ClementNgissahKwasi · 06/28/2020
fake news, which politician in his right sense of mind will say this
GUEST_xxXLB7dLE · 06/28/2020
k t hammon becase you ashantis are from the pit that is why you haveno brain in yuorhead you always talk foolishly block headed man nation wrecker gbemela tagbor kuku tor fiafiwo adzogli amewulawo

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