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Cabum Drops A New Diss Song To Sarkodie Titled Obidi Showa

NKBuabeng 06/25/2020

Rapper Cabum has launched missiles at colleague Sarkodie for being arrogant and boastful in a song which seek to disgrace the reputation of Sarkodie.

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Forget about any beef you remember Sarkodie has fought or any rivalry he has, I mean forget about M.anifest and the likes and let's converse about Cabum.

Our Online Portal has chanced on a music piece from the camp of Cabum and its content is jaw dropping.

We searched all the major music online portals but couldn't find the piece on it. We believe that the song wasn't release or didn't attract enough publicity hence most music lovers were deprive the chance to enjoy the piece. We call blessing on the source thereof for giving us this secretive creative piece targeted at Sarkodie

The song recorded Cabum angrily devouring the current King of Rap Music in Africa, Sarkodie' --- Labelling him as arrogant and boastful --- the choice of words he rained on Sarkodie was uncanny and we gladly leave that to your hearing.

Sadly, Cabum was heard over a year ago throwing shots at M.anifest in his song "Obini and Mani" calling him a "hater of Sarkodie" when the latter released a song titled "GodMC" a diss song directed at Sarkodie which sparked lot of controversies.

The song you are about to listen was recorded before M.anifest's GodMC hence we can only ask the question --- What does Cabum seek to achieve.


Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
SerialGh · 06/26/2020
Forget about them cos no matter what you do people go talk
AduGyanIsaac · 06/26/2020
Foolish blogger. This song is an old song koraa

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