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Ten Countries That The Earthquake Heavily Hit On Wednesday, June 24.

Joekudjo 06/25/2020

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An earthquake is any sudden shaking of the ground by the activity of seismic waves through the Earth’s rocks.

The difference between earthquake and tremor lies in the magnitude of the seismic waves. Any seismic activity revolving around magnitude 4.0 and above is an earthquake, and the any seismic activity below the magnitude of 4.0 can be best referred to as tremor.

On Wednesday 24, 2020, the whole world experienced seismic waves: earthquake or tremor. While some countries or places experienced earthquake, others experienced tremor.

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While the quakes in some places were minor or tremor, other places were heavily hit. Among the countries, cities, or town that recorded magnitude between 4.0—6.0 according to earthquake report worldwide are as follows:

Near East Coast of Hondu- Japan (m 5.9)

New Zealand (M 5.9)

SSE of Lone Pro CA, USA. (5.8)

Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico(5.4)

New Zealand (5.3)

New Zealand (5.1)

Ecuador (5.1)

Myanmar-Indian Border Region (4.9)

South Sandwich Islands Region (4.9)

Al Suroesto De Spedro Pochutla, OAX, Mexico (4.8)

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GUEST_PkJznLpqK · 06/25/2020
people are saying it's happened in Ghana too
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The owner of the world is coming
EunicaSakyi · 06/25/2020
Eiiii Jesus is coming soon
franklynkpegbe · 06/25/2020
yes , yesterday at exactly 11.31

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