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How Would I Explain This To My Husband

TettehSai 2d

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My name is Barbara Ntim and I am married to this wonderful man. We have been married for eight years and have been blessed with two beautiful children, a girl and a boy. In fact, Steve is every woman's dream man and from the bottom of my heart, I love him. I will do anything to make him happy.

Maybe, it is out of this love that I committed this grievous mistake I thought I could get away with. If I am writing about it, then it is about to catch up with me.

Just after uni, I met Steve and fell in love with him. We would have married the same year but he wanted me to finish my national service. Three months after the national service, we got married. Many of my friends were envious of my luck and wished to be in my shoes.

I found a lucrative job and Steve had a number of businesses in the city that were doing well. Due to his businesses, he could travel for days. Upon returning from one of his numerous business trips, he called me one dawn, and with tears in his eyes, he broke the sad news he brought. In short, he had been having an affair and the lady told him she was pregnant for him. He was begging for my forgiveness.

I was devastated as any woman who loved and trusted her husband would be. Steve was also down for disappointing me and the children. 

The twist to all this is that my pain was not about Steve disappointing us but my well kept secret that is about to unfold like a movie. Five years after our marriage, I have never missed my period and I got worried. Anytime I raised the topic, Steve would brush it aside by saying God's time is the best. 

I tried several times for us to go to the hospital for check up but he always says there is nothing wrong with us. I got frustrated. So one day, when we returned from a friend's birthday party and I realized that Steve was drunk, I took advantage it to get sperm from him with the help of my medical doctor friend for testing. When the result came, Steve is infertile. So this has been our problem. I didn't know what to do. 

After some thought, I took the decision to solve this problem before it was too late. Anytime Steve went on a business trip, I also went on my own trek. I would go to a different town where I would pick a man with some similarities to Steve. That is how I got our two children. This has been my darkest secret and now it is about to be revealed.

I know Sandy's pregnancy is not for Steve but how do I tell him this. I need to protect Steve from Sandy but that would mean the possible collapse of my marriage and happiness. 

Should I tell him, would he understand and forgive me? 

I need your advice urgently, at least to protect Steve if not save my marriage.

Drop your advice in the comment section.

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