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Meet Africa's Most Beautiful

ElliotB.Bortey 06/29/2020

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When A Woman Glows!!

Regardless of tribe, status, greatness, and all other attributes of man, we are made in the image and likeness of God.Some say, God is a woman, others say he's a man, but you see, God is beautiful and He might be a woman or you also think he's a man?

God is love, and he reflects his love in different shades of beauty.

Beauty in the image and likeness of God.

The woman should be loved, and woman must love; but who loves a woman, and keeps her as his, must strive to maintain her glow.

A woman must glow to the glory of God; it is that glow that attracts suitors to her kinsmen.

"Adjoa loves the glow", the last time she said to me, "Nii, midi3 misi3si3 mi body oh".

Adjoa is a good friend I met at a wedding in Kumasi with stunning beauty.

Behind every beautiful woman is a hard-working man; a true hustler, bracing the odds to maintain the beauty of his sweetheart.

Yes, whoever told you a woman is easy to keep is a liar, unless perhaps she is your "sponsor".

A woman's beauty is expensive

A woman's beauty is charming

A woman's beauty can push the Laziest man out of his comfort zone.

The most attractive of all is when the woman has an ebony skin, a black beauty, a glowing radiance.

Oh, what a sight to behold.

I'm talking about that beauty Queen Esther was blessed with, that which swept King Ahasuerus off his feet.

God loves men, hence he blessed us with women with different forms of beauty.

"When you find yours, perhaps you must hold unto her in high esteem," I tell you.

A man was asked, "what will you do if you wake up one day and realised the world is full of men, in the absence of women"?

His response was " I will go back to sleep till the women return".hilarious right?

Yeah, women rule the world.

Meet Africa's Melissa, the woman with an extraordinary shade of ebony skin, a true black beauty.

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Top Comments
FremahRubby · 06/30/2020
indeed she is.wooow
+233-054627**** · 06/29/2020
Is true African most beautiful
ElliotB.Bortey · 08/6/2020
simply sweet

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