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Royalty, The Extra Spice Of Life! A Poem in Honour Of The Ga Mantse!!

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This is a poem in honor of King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II.

The newly installed King of Accra (Ga-mashie) and a descendant of the late King Tackie Tawiah I, the first King of the Ga People, a pacesetter.

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"We need a King, we need a King."

People of God bemoaned the creator!

The creator?

Yes, he loves to answer the request!

He loves to reason with humanity!

He is God, Yes, But he rules in the affairs of men!

He enthrones Kings!

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Royalty, a decision of God!

Born out of love for humanity!

It can be selected by birth;

But it could also be picked by choice!

Choice, yes, that of the people!

By what means?

I thought the Same!

Wait for a minute!

It can be picked by History!

It can also be picked by bravery!

A show of it, an act of it, and a reflection on it!

Many great leaders shot to fame through their acts of bravery.

Many also shot to fame through their love and good deeds for humanity!

Ashiedu Keteke, Ashiedu Keteke!

Odododioodooo, Odododioodoo!

A king is born, a king is made!

A request granted by God!

The wish of our ancestors!

The wish of Ga-mashie!

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Abiasuma, Abiasuma, Abiasuma!

May God order your steps Nii Ga!




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