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Earthquake in parts of Accra today.

Mainman 06/24/2020

On the 24th of June 2020, I happened to be sitting in my mother's shop at about 10:47pm when I heard and felt the ground shake.

I almost thought I was hallucinating. It all seemed so real. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

It lasted for a period of about 5 seconds.

I was not sure about the shake till it happened again at about 10:54pm.

The second time seemed more severe than the first time.

I felt scared and shaky for almost 10 minutes.

It is currently not known by me if this was predicted or not.

I still think this happened for three consecutive times although I am still not sure.

I realized how serious this was when I got out of our locked shop and realized everyone in the community come out of their rooms and seemed to be talking about the shake.

As at when I started writing this article, I am still sure there would be a next shake following the consistency of the shake.

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Top Comments
+233-55989**** · 06/25/2020
which part of Accra foolish blogger?
FrancisAmuah · 06/25/2020
Please let sanity prevail.Avoid insults in your comments.Speak your mind politely.We are all children of God.
ofui · 06/25/2020
Some pple are too stupid. The thing is real nd some of u are foolishly insulting de. blogger. Jux tnk God it didn't happen to u
PaulBoateng · 06/25/2020
shame onto you people commented it's a lie Blogger may God bless you for giving us important information like this

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