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COVID-19: Border closure at Volta, anything to worry about?

TIMS_BGh 06/29/2020

Almost 98% of countries making up the globe, inclusively Ghana, went under force closure just to help prevent the influx of infected corona virus patients to their abode. The novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) hits the call for it's declaration as pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), making way for the enforcement of strict rules to help prevent the spread of the deadly corona virus disease which had already found it's threshold around the world. Developed countries like the U.S.A, Germany. the United Kingdom, Italy, France among others, had their economy shut just to help save lives and maneuver ways to rebuild their economies to see their lives come back to normal after the pandemic.

Closing of borders has become the norm since this deadly corona virus spread it's branches to cover much space of the global world. The continent, Africa sort to border closure as the need arose just to help prevent the spread of the virus on the continent, thereby halting the growth of the enviable African economy which has seen immense growth over the years by hardworking economy managers across the continent. President Nana Akuffo-Addo, saw the need to follow suit by calling for the closure of Ghana borders in March this year.

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However, the porous nature of the borders of Ghana had always seen illegal immigrants finding their way to Ghana. In fact, lawless people still cross in and out of Ghana with much impunity using unapproved routes. Reinforcement of security agencies at the borders to assist in the enforcement was initiated when there was a nationwide call. It became a public knowledge that the number of personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) at the borders was now inadequate to enforce the closure effectively, for that reason the call for armed personnel of the military and other security agencies to come into assistance.

Subsequently, numerous suspected cases of Covid-19 have proven positive for illegal immigrants caught at the borders. The country is approaching it's constitutional mandate, that is, voting in December to elect it's president for the next four year term as enshrined in the 1992 constitution. Obviously, closing of Ghana borders has though exposed how weak and porous they are but the act has helped reduced and prevented the spread of the virus.

The reactions to the closure of the Volta Region border has carried much weight in the air as the Electoral Commission (EC) announced to compile New Voter's Register on 30th June, 2020 . It is reckoned by the leading opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), that the ruling government, New Patriotic Party (NPP) is conniving with the EC to disenfranchise it's loyal supporters in this year general election as clearly shown that Volta Region conjures magic for the NDC in almost all elections held by the EC.Worry has broken down the excitement of the NDC since the military force was called to add to the closure of the Volta border.

Must Ghana be worried for the strengthening of it's borders for a reason that one political party sees it a way of preventing it from canvassing votes as the country battles the deadly corona virus?

Ghana must win!

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