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Nigel Gaisie Came To Gambia By Road To Learn Tricks And Dissappeared - Ama Born Again Revealed

Fiifitvgh 06/25/2020

Top Secret: Nigel Gaisie Came To Gambia By Road To Learn Tricks - Ama Born Again

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A woman by the name Ama Born Again revealed how Pastor Nigel Gaisie came to Gambia by Road. She said when Pastor Nigel Gaisie came to Gambia, he came to her for the woman to take him to a mallam who will train him for fake prophecies.

Ama Born Again revealed that Pastor Nigel Gaisie drunk blood and slept with women for his miracles.

When Pastor Nigel Gaisie came to Gambia, he wanted to sleep with my best friend which I was not in support of that.

Nigel Gaisie wanted to use the best friend of mine for trials for his rituals and I asked him to go to different hotel because it is not right.

Ama Born Again said the annointing oil that Pastor Nigel Gaisie uses is fake. So no one must say that the MP, Ken Agyapong is not using this as Politic rather he is digging out the fake pastors.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+233-24474**** · 06/26/2020
why must she cover her self before lying? Ama born again is not a name, why can't she reveal her true identity. useless people.
LionOfJudah · 06/25/2020
Ama born again is a lair. What kind of lies do you throw into the air like this.
TargetXMarWalker · 06/25/2020
hey ensem wo wiase
KwabenaBonsie · 06/25/2020
blatant liar. nonsense

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