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Manya Krobo: Man Stabbed Over NIA Card (Video)

BlaYaw355 06/29/2020

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News reaching us has it that a Ghanaian citizen from manya krobo have been stabbed over the national identity card also known as the Ghana Card.

According to the information from 5:30 news with Kofi Adonai Nwanwani, the victim was stabbed at the left side of his stomach and as it stands he’s at the hospital.

According to Kofi adiomah nwanwani they collection of the NIA card is now associated with bribery and corruption as citizen pay to get theirs fast even when the appears to the place late and this has caused a lot of misunderstanding at the place.

It is alleged that the staff at the said place are in ‘collecting of money before card’, and according to the reporter, citizen at the place pay ghc40 before collecting their cards and if you are a Lady, it’s either you give out your number for later ‘something’ or you join the norm overt there by paying the amount indicated.

The center of which the registration of the NIA card was given as the presbyterian Church.

As it stands the suspect is reportedly at the custody of the police.

Watch the video below...


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