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From an addicted smoker to a spirit filled Christian

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Happy birthday in advance to a man that has helped shape my life through his massages. I have never met him, but I have met the person he preaches that is Jesus Christ the only begotten son of God, through the holy spirit of God Almighty.

My story

Last year i was plagued with so much challenges and a bad lifestyle that I led. I was raised up in a Christian family, but I fell to the evil schemes of the enemy. I was living a life that was plagued with addictions of all sorts. 

My desires for anything that brings out smoke was for my level unprecedented. I can have 1000 as my last card, but will use 700 and buy parcels of weed that can last me for maximum 2 to 3 days. I was a marijuana addict of repute. The biggest lie of the enemy is that since it does not affect your job or your vocation or anything I do then it is OK. But I was going further away from life towards death. I was dieing gradually. 

My family was in shambles. My wife was depressed, my kids were not stable in their education, because of the issues between my bad habits and my wife's disapproval of such lifestyle thereby causing her depression. My brothers lives were shattered.

God showed me several signs through dreams late last year. Due to this signs and my concern for my wife's and children's condition. I started to have a rethink over my life style and addiction challenges. I dreamt about being pursued by pythons. I was concerned and started seeking solutions to end my problems.

I saw a man of God, I told him about my concerns, my dreams and my challenges. He told me that the enemy is after my life and whatever I am experiencing around me is all a scheme towards my destruction and finally the destruction of my family, since he Satan hates the family system and seeks to destroy it.

He also told me that I need to draw close to God and become more spiritual. We fasted together late last year. In fact during last year's Christmas I was on the fasting exercise. 

Now fast forward into the new year. I still see my self into this age long addiction of smoking. I smoked more than the years I did not smoke. I started 2020 with my addiction, although the cross over night I did at my rccg church and I prayed fervently. But into January 2020 I was still smoking, but I was tired. I knew my church fasting and prayer starts on the 11/01/2020.

By the Grace of God there was this burning desire to change I was looking for a way out, I was looking for a strategy to use in breaking off the strong hold of the enemy on my life and family.

God came to my rescue. He gave me a way out. After my church started their prayer and fasting, I bought my normal parcel of marijuana, on that Saturday 17/01/2020 I met a team of NDLEA on the way. First of all I threw away my marijuana parcel, to beat their checkpoint, so I went a whole day without weed. The next day was Church, I went without food to church, so my fasting started that day 18/01/2020, so I did 2 days without weed. I had some massages my brother gave me during the Christmas holidays, I love God but the devils hold was strong on me. 

So among the strategies God gave me was that I should guard my heart. I should watch what I allow into my mind. So I decided to find an earpieces and listen to messages from my phone as I go to work and do my work. So it became a habit to put my earpiece on and to listen gospel massages both from David ogbueli and Paul enenche.

I finished listening to the massages my brother gave me from David ogbueli and Paul enenche. And I needed more, in the bid to search for massages on line, I stumbled into Koinonia massages, by apostle Joshua Selman. That was it, my life changed and I have never stopped since then. Jesus has taken his place in my life. And I am sold out completely for Him. I am on fire. All I need now is more of Jesus.

I bless God for putting in my heart a plan to sanitize my heart and allow light to come into my life. And He used the massages of apostle Joshua Selman to help me guide me to the point I am now.

Now my family is getting back on track, both my direct family and my extended family. I now have a functional prayer alter. God is bringing my family back. Although the enemy is fighting like a wounded lion, but God is my shield and my fortress. I run into Him and I am saved. I look upon Jesus every day of my life, for in Him I live, move and have my being. 

Please join me and wish apostle a blessed new year. May the Grace and anointing of God be multiplied upon his life. Please wish apostle a prosperous new age in both life and ministry. God please bless apostle Joshua Selman, Koinonia and eternity network international. May the blessing of God upon his life and ministry exponentially multiple on a global scale, in Jesus name Amen.

Thank you.

Shared by Testimony Onyeakazi on Koinonia Telegram Group- t.me/Koinoniagroup

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