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"His wife held my hands for his husband to chop me" -13 years old girl on how her pastor chopped her

Gideon2Ankamah 06/25/2020

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Pastor sentenced to 15 years in jail, but suspended 5 years of the the sentence on condition of good behaviour.

This pastor pounced on the 12 yearsyoung girl when she was picking things at a nearby dump site with her young sister and dragged her into the bush where he chopped her.The girl's mother noticed that something had gone wrong when she saw stains of blood on her daughter's panties while doing laundry the following day. 

The mother of the girl seeked advise from her neighbour's who advised that the matter must be reported to the police. The girl however, refused to accompany them to a nearby police station.But latter the girl then told a church elder a week later that the pastor was her attacker, leading to his arrest.

The little girl revealed that the pastor's wife hold her hands for his husband to chop her.

Investigation are still on going by the police to find out if the woman really helped her husband in the act.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
GUEST_VeAqdpJxR · 06/27/2020
This seem not to be true. How can his Wife hold her hands for her husband to chop her?
+233-54163**** · 06/26/2020
I can't see any reason on this post. dump site and the wife hold her hands then pastor pounce on her.
Cocoabrownnews.com · 07/2/2020
No wonder the judgment will start from his church
Cocoabrownnews.com · 07/2/2020
So called fake pastors

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