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BREAKING: See The Unbelievable Thing John Mahama did After Supreme Court's Judgement

Staytuned_01 06/26/2020

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Former President John Mahama has requested that all eligible Ghanaians register on Tuesday, June 30, to cast their votes. 

He said anyone with Ghane cards and passports should be involved and help ensure that anyone who does not have both documents is assured. 

"I implore you to support your brother, sister and compatriot to guarantee them even if you need more time," said Mahama at a Thursday night press conference.

He cites the judgment of the Supreme Court on the Electoral Commission 's contentious decision to create a new list of electors. 

The NDC which initially challenged the court decision argued that the current register would be a waste of taxpayers' cash and was credible.

They also said that the decision was taken by the ruling NPP and that when in opposition they requested a new register.

After the Akufo Addo administration failed its 2016 mandate, the NDC claims it is a grand scheme for rigging the December elections. 

The EC claimed, however, that the current registry was full of foreigners and that the management system had also come to an end of existence and had to be replaced. 

The NDC remained uncompromised, however, and challenged the matter before the Court of Apex, arguing for the existing voter IDs to be used as identity documents even though a new register is to be created.

In its judgment Thursday, the Court claimed that the EC must carry out the compilation in line with C.I. 126 which restricts passports and Ghana cards only to identity documents.

Mahama, when he reacted to this, this decision is deceitful for all Ghanaians with the electoral identity and who have to queue again in an uprising pandemic.

'I therefore urge all Ghanaians of voting age to channel their disappointment in their efforts to prevent them from voting to make their voices heard and register in their numbers when the trial starts next week on Tuesday.' The register is collected from 30 June and takes 38 days.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
wofaboasiako · 06/26/2020
now where lies your manhood? all the yeeee yeeeee you made, you have now seen your level.
EugeneMemang · 06/26/2020
useless write up 👍
MohammadZakaria · 06/26/2020
This information should be forwarded to the PNC guru, Bernard, so that he can also follow suit.
GUEST_21eJ2MQWJ · 06/26/2020
So now is ex Prez Mahama telling Ghanaians that the NDC were in bed with the Supreme Court judges during the election petition in 2013? After all Justice Sulley Gbadebe and Baffoe Bonney all ruled in favour of the NDC then so what has changed uf they are doing the correct thing now. Ghana dont need Togolees to elect or President for us period

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