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How I stopped Smoking Weed.

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I begin my smoking career at the age of 12 after my parents couldn't afford to pay my bills at school. I had to struggle and hustle to gather some money which I do use to pay for my fees at school.

Always when my friends get a job in town, they will not forget to put me on the know as that is the usual way we use to do it. Along the line, things are becoming more serious as I could no longer get jobs meant for the young like fetching of water and cleaning of houses.

The group I associated myself with now work with masons, carrying cement blocks and other hard works for which my strength couldn't permit. This made me unable to pay my fees, hence I found myself a dropout.

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One day, one of my friends came to me to discuss with me the way forward as the school isn't something I can afford. We decided to go to the city to start a hustling life so as to make it one day.

When we reached the city, we engaged ourselves in many household chores for people to get daily income for survival. It continue this way until places we use to sleep, thus uncompleted buildings in our area are all furnished and their owners are back to stay inside. This means we have to increase our domain of work. So, we decided to join a cement block factory and by then, I was 11 years old.

We got ourselves thinking about the possibility of the block factory owner to accept your boys like us. So at night, we went to the area where most of the guys working there do sleep to make enquiries. The guy told us that, age isn't the matter but your strength. He added that, even though we are young, we can continue to work without getting tired if we learn how to smoke weed.

I was the first to agree to the plan and that very night, this guys introduced us both to smoking. Even though it wasn't something so easy for me on the first day, I became an addict after few months working with the block factory.

Every dawn, morning, afternoon, evening and even midnight, I have to take it before anything else. The weed has become so used to my system that, both now lived like couple, one misses the friend in just few minutes of absence.

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After work one Thursday evening, I fell sick and fell lifeless on the floor. My friends had to move me to the hospital for treatment but do you know I couldn't afford the bills?

I was so embarrassed after I went back home for it seems my objective for coming into the city isn't manifesting.

As usual, Sundays, we don't go for work. I was busy smoking my early morning weed when I heard someone preaching the gospel just behind me. I turned and saw a mad man making the noise but I only told him to leave and stop distracting my enjoyment.

He then told me, that some of them started the way I am doing and now their end isn't something to boast of. His words touch me from within and quickly I dropped the last two roles of the 8 I had plan to finish that morning and left to my site.

Four weeks later, the I saw the guy who introduced me, die in my face after taking 10 roles of weed and trying to walk. He stand to walk and suddenly fell down. We all thought it was the normal high boozing but he couldn't breath again after 12 honors and we have to bury without knowing his family.

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That evening, I was thinking and making comparison, looking at we, those who smoke and those chose not to smoke and I saw a great difference. I decided to look for the mad man to tell me what to do so as to get myself out of the mess. By then I was 28.

The search for this mad man was never easy until I found him around one refuse damp. He then told me to stay with him if really I wanted to stop the smoking. Now, I live with a mad man for the next 7 years, eating uncooked foods and lives that are more terrible than what I was doing first.

One morning he told me to go home, join a church and focus on worshipping God. I took his words into my heart and left. This is how I stopped the habit of smoking weed, even not on a good note, but the mad man helped me out.

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