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Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

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A good relationship is when someone accepts your past , supports your present and encourages your future.

Relationship is not always easy as two different people coming together but it's really fun when you know how to handle each other.

Here are some secrets to a happy relationship.

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1. You must be supportive: No one is an Island and everybody needs somebody. Even spirits needs bodies to dwell in. In a relationship you must be support each other. Never let your partner feels he/she is alone. Always support each other in kinds and in words. Make your presence be felt in the relationship.

2. Communication is Vital: Actually food and sex is not a way to a man's heart but good communication is the key. There should not be any harsh words, don't hide anything from each other. Always make sure you don't keep things to yourself, communicate your feelings and needs.

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3. Be positive: relationship just like any other venture has ups and downs but always be on the bright side. Assure your partner it will be well. Plan with your partner and work towards your goals.

4. Spend quality time: It is always refreshing and fun when you spend quality time with your partner. Quality time should not end on your honeymoon, set days aside, spend time together and reflect on your achievements and special moments.

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5. Give complements: we all needs complements to to boost our ego. Women especially love complements and can easily be in the mood when they hear something sweet. From cooking, washing and what have you make sure you say something nice.

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