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Former ocultic pastor, Obotan reveals how prophets use phone apps to prophesy and deceive people.

MyLip 06/29/2020

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More revelations keep popping up on The Seat programme chaired by Justice Kwaku Annan. Over the last couple of months, Kennedy Agyapong and his right hand man, Kwaku Annan have run rampage on fake men of God in the country.

They have gone undercover and used Annan’s The Seat programme to reveal some of the hideous things that these fake men of God do.

Over the past week a former fraudulent pastor now claiming to be born again was on the show to shed light on some of his activities in the dark word.

Tonight June 29, 2020 Obotan was once again the guest on the show. According to Obotan he has received so many threats since he last came to the studios of Net2 Television. On the show tonight he maintained that there is no prophet in Ghana.

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He distinguished between false prophets and ocultic pastors. He explained that false prophets are those men of God who used trickery to deceive people and exhort monies from them.

He noted that in as much as false prophets are not into charms they sometimes go in for some as protection. He mentioned that this protection was important because some victims lay curses if they realized they have been duped.

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He went on to explain that ocultic pastors are those who use ocultic powers in their ministries. The hilarious part was when Obotan touched on the use of Truecaller. Truecaller is an app that determines the name of the people who make calls.

 He noted that the fake pastors had different apps that could give information about the caller. He reiterated that because of this information they are able to tell callers their names and some information immediately the victims call for assistance.

The unsuspecting victims become surprised and place their trust in the fake man of God. This trust also pushes the victim to visit the church of the said phony man of God where they are manipulated and abused further. Obotan used the opportunity to caution people who are easily swayed by miracles.

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MonoWan · 07/2/2020
masssa stop bn jealous
LastMakuvaza · 07/1/2020
only ignorant people will think that the devil can't make people prophesy for real. not phone apps and whatever you say.

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