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Nana Addo must respond to Mahama's innuendos

zeckon52 06/26/2020

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President Nana Akufo Addo, as matter of political interest and security need to respond to the innuendos of the former President John Mahama over the Supreme Court ruling on the legal action taken by the his political party; National Democratic Congress (NDC), against the Electoral Commission and the Attorney General, over the compilation of a new voters register.

Of particular interest to Ghanaians and in the spirit of democratic governance, John Dramani's accusation that government is exploiting or manipulating the Electoral Commission demands a response from the President.

In John Mahama's words; "it is deeply regrettable that the electoral commission which should independent and have carved a niche for itself as a respected commission in the whole of Africa has today made itself a willing tool in the execution of this most diabolic agenda"

Though it is not certain when such a reaction from the presidency would come, it is expected that the ruling New Patriotic Party, will mobilise a strong counter accusation or reaction to the claims by the NDC.

The risks as evaluated, given the consequence is the high probability of electoral dispute, much like what happened in 2012.

In our political history unresolved misunderstanding in our electoral process has resulted into unfortunate incidence as violence, and prolonged electoral litigation in courts, which often ripples into impeding governance.

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Top Comments
KobiAsare_01 · 06/26/2020
did mahama responds on nana addo's comments during the supreme court judgment of the 2012 elections? no time to waste , nana need to focus and do more.
+233-055777**** · 06/26/2020
Ugly noise. In 2012 that NDC Mahama didn't win but the same supreme court made him president
HuseiniUshan_01 · 06/26/2020
In 2012 after the election petition this ugly president n his useless party faithful said Otumfou Asante bribes Justice Atuguba for Mahama shameless.
GREATMAM · 06/26/2020
He cannot, in 2012 what did Akuffo Addo said after the judgement for the election petition. ??? Fools and hypocrites!!

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