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The Medical Aspect Of 'Magical' Cannabis (weed)

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Cannabis sativa popularly known as Marijuana or weed/wee is a herb 🌿 that is widespread among nations in different continents. Some men and women smoke it for the purpose of pleasure and its euphoric effect. But apart from these 2 effects, research has shown that weed has got a lot of outstanding medicinal values to help solve some long standing medical issues of mankind.

For this reason, huge researches have been launched in various research centers of the world to dig deep into all the benefits that weed can bring to mankind.

Weed contains a lot of secondary plant metabolites that are responsible for the healing actions of the plant and one of such metabolites is Cannabinoid (CBD). Below are a few research-proved benefits of weed due to CBD:

1. Helps relieve very severe pain

Extracts of weed like CBD has proven to be very effective for relieving extreme pain caused by some conditions like cancer and sickle cell anemia. In very minute dosages, they work like magic and curb the pain.

2. A great appetizer

Weed is one of the most effective appetite stimulant. It increases one's appetite for food 🍲. When given to a patient, patient in no time crave for food and eats to their satisfaction. This explains the reason why frequent "weed smokers" eat big bowls of food always.

3. A powerful energizer and sex enhancer

Weed has a way of empowering one and lifting the energy levels of an individual to that beyond his or her own natural state. Because it's an appetizer also, it makes one utilize the calories gained after eating very energetically. It enhances sexual performance of its user.

4. Improves sleep

Insomnia or sleeplessness could be a thing of the past when weed is used. It helps one have longer and deeper sleeps to be able to gain enough rest.

5. Brain 🧠 enhancer

CBD has been proven to be a drug of the brain. It enhances the cognitive, retentive and imaginative power of the brain. Research shows that, in correct dosages, CBD could help vastly in the the treatment of Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder (ADHD) and autism.

The above listed benefits are only a few of the general benefits weed can give. There are a lot of diseases that is researched that weed could treat even including diabetes and hypertension since it has a great activity on insulin and the blood vessels. This is the reason why a lot of countries are now legalising the use of weed in their medicinal field.

Note: Without the prescription and strict supervision of a doctor, don't use weed to treat any of the above since a slight overdose could result in devastating consequences.

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