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Hottest Celebrity Beefs That Brought Out The Black Side Of Artistes

GregoryOware 06/25/2020

From Doctor Paa Bobo, to Reggie Rockstone, to the Sarkodie era has been some transformation of Ghanaian music. The streets shall not forget Daasebre Dwamena, the late '0244', and Terry Bonchaka. Artistes have collaborated to give Ghanaians the best of music ever since Ghana could remember.

The bitter rivalries go on and on, and can really reach an extreme point where death threats and imprisonment become a factor. From male to female artistes and celebrities, here are the hottest beefs in the music industry we can remember.

Sarkodie Vs Shatta Wale View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The king of Dancehall and the king of rap have showered so much unpleasant words on each other, though they have once been friends and even shared the studio to give Ghanaians exceptional music. Up till now, their beef still exists.

This beef had mainly started after Shatta Wale had first jabbed the BET award winner. Shatta has recorded a lot of diss songs to the king of Ghana rap, and Sarkodie also took some time to reply the controversial and self acclaimed Dancehall King. Each time Shatta Wale brought a diss track, the 'Azonto Fiesta' hitmaker's reply made Ghanaians go crazy.

Recently, Sarkodie has released songs titled, "Sub Zero" and "Advise" , which was all assumed to be an advise song for Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale said Sarkodie was not serious for replying beefs during this Covid 19 pandemic, but Sarkodie only replied, "Stop Being Stupid". View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Sarkodie and Shatta Wale have some jamming songs dubbed, "Ghetto Youth, One Shot, M3gye Wo Girl and Dancehall Commando".

Sarkodie Vs Gasmilla View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

It seems Sark has had a lot of troubles with some of how fellow artistes. The misunderstandings between them started when Sarkodie released a new song to revive the "Azonto Dance". Gasmilla met him with accusations of trying to steal the idea of Azonto which he, Gasmilla, had brought to Ghana and to the world.

Sarkodie said the Azonto had died, and he was going to revive it. This did not go on well with Gasmilla, who said Azonto never died aand that he was only trying to claim ownership of the movement. Many people have believed Sarkodie is the originator of the Azonto music genre, but Gasmilla claims he is. He was also hurt that Sarkodie failed to invite him to the #BringBackAzonto campaign launched by Sarkodie.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Funny Face Vs Lil Win And Kalybos View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Comedian and actor, Funny Face, angrily attacked Lil Win and Kalybos for damaging his reputation.

Funny face had said Lil Win and Kalybos had collaborated to conspire against him to end his successful career. According to him, they soread rumors about him. Lil Win and Funny Face has acted a movie dubbed, "John and John", which saw the movie win an award at Ghana's movies awards.

Funny Face is known as a funny person who always makes people happy, but he angrily appeared in a video, where he angrily called out the duo for betraying him and dared them to face him and justify themselves. What made the beef hotter was when Funny Face pointed out that actor Kalybos had once slept with a girl he was having an affair with at that time.

Efia Odo Vs Sista Afia View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The social media star and award winning actress has been beefing up ever since Efia Odo posted a tweet where Sister Afia's name pooped up. Recent exchange of verbal blows between the two parties on Twitter have showed the extend how this beef won't end anytime soon.

According to a presenter, Efia Odo used to be a shy person when she first settled in the country. But Efia Odo hilariously replied him saying he may be referring to Sister Afia.

Sister Efia didn't take this lightly at she told Efia Odo to keep her mouth out of her matter. The two kept replying each other until Efia Odo called her a hippopotamus and Sister Afia also called her a skeleton. Haha, Sister Afia has threatened to beat Efia Odo whenever she sees her.

Anyone missed the list?

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SerialGh · 06/25/2020
Sista Aafia vs Freda Rhymz which ended up with a fight Famous Stonebwoy vs Shatta Wale which went to the extent of pulling a gun More to give even about Sarkodie and Shatta Wale each beefs that went on in Ghana But remember Nshona Muzik was the one who came to finalize the Azonto beef saying that Sarkodie first recorded Azonto track Bless up..............

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