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“The Tongues Most Preachers Recite Are Fake” Apostle John Blay Alleges

MikeBrownVille 06/25/2020

Ghana’s most popular and exciting political exposé show, The Seat which is hosted by Kwaku Annan returned this Wednesday evening with another interesting first guest by the name of Apostle John Blay.

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Apostle John Blay alleges he was also a fake clergyman once upon a time but he’s now repented.

As always with guests that comes on the show, he and the host Kwaku Annan discussed a lot of things centered on fake preachers and their weird practices just to defraud and swindle unsuspecting and well-meaning Ghanaians.

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They reached a point on the show where they were talking about what fake pastors really do in terms of fasting and prayers.

“A lot of these fake pastors will instruct their congregations to embark on prayers and fasting for a number of days whilst they don’t do it themselves” Apostle Blay said.

“And when they conduct their church service, they speak in all matter of tongues, put on a show and act serious like they also fasted and are filled with the power of the Holy Ghost” he said.

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“They can speak in tongues like this “Hale baba halisguta, baba be Bei, Musokuta antoruba ba babei” Apostle Blay said and replicated the act.

And they both laughed at that.

“Try it Kwaku” he instructed Kwaku Annan.

“You mean right now?” the host asked him a little surprised.

“Yes try it” Apostle Blay insisted.

Rubaba be baba bei, Musterengu gaus ta bababei, Shugoto babbei” Kwaku Annan also simulated like he was speaking in tongues.

“Wow, you are good at this” Apostle Blay Joked and they both laughed about it. 

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