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Meet the Ghanaian women who cry at people's funeral and take money for crying

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In west Africa funeral is a big deal especially in Ghana, the organizers of a funeral will tell you that a big funeral is likely to cost more than 500 million cedis and the bigger the cost of the funeral the more the bereaved family is likely to make money out of it, the tribe in Ghana that is well known for making big funeral for their deceased is the Akans, the Akans are well known for making such tragedy events a memorable one, to organize a funeral and make it a memorable one you need to have the best resource available which involves having a DJ, someone who will be playing music to entertain guest and he must be well paid , approximately DJ’s take not less than 1000 cedis depending on the number of days he will be performing, another important factor to consider when organizing a funeral is the hiring of beautiful canopies and chairs, the hiring of canopies and chairs will also come at her huge price to pay excluding the venue in which the event will take place, to have a nice place to organize your funeral you need to rent one which will also come at a cost, making a big funeral is not just about the presence of the people but also the variety of food to be served at the event including refreshment, these and other factors make the cost of funerals in Ghana very expensive .

A woman in Kumasi who is well known for wailing at funerals and charging money is Ama Dokli, she will weep and wail and the price of his service is charge based on the bigness of the funeral, she will charge you a huge amount of money if the funeral is very big and a small amount if the funeral is very small, she belongs to a group called Funeral Contractors Association , the group is made up of only widows and they are available to cry at your funeral in exchange for money. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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GUEST_AexnN15va · 07/7/2020
She should stop crying for money

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